Blood Orange, 2016 - ★½

Blood Orange, 2016 - ★½

.::Scavenger Hunt #14 May 2016 - Film #29::.

"You can't threaten our relationship by stepping in shit and walking it in here" - Bill (Iggy Pop)

Horrendous, boring and excruciatingly inept thriller. Iggy plays haggard past his prime musician Bill (hey, why the giggles?). He's happy idling his time away in a beautiful secluded Spanish villa with his even more beautiful looking but unfaithful wife Isabelle. Until a stranger from her past shows up out of the blue, and tries to bribe her.

Outside of Kacey Clarke's admittedly amazing body (she can't act for shit, but would make a fine bond girl) it was a total waste of time. Unless your after a painfully dull story with zero tension. Unfair to pick on one because all the actings truly f'cking atrocious, they delivered their lines like god damn automatons. It isn't surprising they all seem to be working under aliases, Iggy as any decent pop quizzer knows was James Osterberg Jr, Kacey Clarke used to be Kacey Barnfield, hell even writer director Toby Tobias was Toby Arnold.

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