Dude Bro Party Massacre III, 2015 - ★★★

Dude Bro Party Massacre III, 2015 - ★★★

.::Scavenger Hunt #14 May 2016 - Film #12::.

"I hate my little hairy baby dog dick" - Turbeaux (Paul Prado)

Motherface has already caused II delta bi party massacres. Brent the identical brother of Brock who had been murdered in the previous years massacre, is determined Mortherface won't cause a III'rd.

Hilarious 80's video horror pastiche from 5-second films. That does for fraternity horrors (especially their cheesy sequels) what 'Lost After Dark' did for summer camp splatter films. Far from perfect, but thats likely intentional. I loved Officer Sminkle and TurbeauX's characters,the acting was very reminiscent of the young National Lampoon stars.

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