Synchronicity, 2015 - ★★★★

Synchronicity, 2015 - ★★★★

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"The gun is at my head, but I'm sure as shit not gonna pull the trigger myself" - Jim Beale (Chad Mcknight)

Synchronicity is a semi-serious mindfuck inducing science fiction noir, following a sleep deprived physicist Jim Beale. Whose hellbent on proving his wormhole come time travel technology works, while he fights tooth and nail to keep control of the pioneering invention and his decreasing grip on reality.

Considering its obvious lack of a named cast (Michael Ironsides likely the only name most would notice), its advertising budgetary restraints and overall lowkey status I totally understand why so few have seen or heard of it. But Synchronicity is so damn mesmerizingly fun, its a downright shame if it doesn't eventually see a wider audience. While it'd be easy to quickly pass it off as a simplified 'Eternal Sunshine' meets 'Primer' which it essentially is. It actually stands on its own feet, thanks to its lighter tone and quirky characters (especially Brianne Davis as Abby) . Admittedly lots of its dialogue is cheesy as hell, but I loved the shit outta it.

2015 genuinely turned out to be a real treat for sci-fi fans... what with this, Ex Machina and Listening you didn't even need Disneys bland rendition of Star Wars.

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