Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, 1969 - ★★★

Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here, 1969 - ★★★

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"One way or the other, you die at the end" - Willie (Robert Blake)

A well-known local indian Willie Boy kidnaps an half indian named Lola, figuring it isn't as serious as it appears Sheriff Cooper half heartedly forms a posse to bring the renegade to justice. Only because its close to an election, Coop and the posse are pressured into bringing him in dead or alive, with a strong public sway towards dead.

Having to compete with Redfords most fondly remembered film 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' (also released in 1969) probably didn't help Willie Boy's box office or reputation. And I'd guess sympathizing with the pesky Paiute stealing women didn't help it a great deal either. Which is a shame because its an entertaining ride. Blakes effective as the fugitive and Redfords charismatic as ever, love his retort to the standing mayor. Highlights the final chase with Dave Grusin's freak-out rattlesnake-a-like score. Due to its slushy doomed romantic side and lulls in action its probably best saved for a free wet afternoon viewing.

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