Frankenstein and Me (1996)

Frankenstein and Me (1996)
Director: Robert Tinnell
Writer: Richard Goudreau, David Sherman, Robert Tinnell
Cast: Jamieson Boulanger, Burt Reynolds, Ricky Mabe
Earl Williams is a dreamer teenager obsessed with monsters, who fantasizes his life as if he were living in the world of the monsters of the Universal Studios. Although being an excellent student, his intolerant and nasty school teacher Mrs. Perdue does not like him and punishes him for any minor fault. His supportive father Les Williams is also a dreamer, who has never been successful in life. When his father dies, his mother becomes lost with two boys, and tries to change the behavior of Earl. One day, the boy finds the "true Frankenstein" lost by a Carnival, and decides to bring the monster back to life.
Highly entertaining Canadian childrens fantasy about Earl & Larry Williams, two young boys who have just lost their father Les to an heart attack (he's played in flash backs by Burt Reynolds during his full on wig period). Eldest son Earl is affected most wraping himself even further into a fantasy dreamworld filled with famous monsters era horror icons. Luck lands in the 12 year olds lap one night, while leaving a local carnival he finds a crate they've lost containing a sideshow Frankenstein attraction. So he along with his brother and a handful of friends set about resurrecting it "Insane! was Einstein or err Boris Karloff insane..."

It lovingly captures a childs imaginary world and like the recent Son of Rambo film, it's equally recommended to children as it is to older film affectionados like myself. Earls bedroom is decorated with Universal horror action figures and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazines and posters, best of all his dreams and the tales he tells his younger brother are done as fantastic vintage horror film pastiches these include Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Brides Of Dracula, Night of the Living Dead and The Mummy. Director Robert Tinnell really proves he knows his genre, all though the makeup isn't technically as good as that of Monster Squad it makes it up with atmospheric detail. I loved this flick so much best moment was the NOTLD dream. Sadly other than landing lucky and unearthing a dusty old VHS or finding one of its brief cable TV screenings it hasn't seen the light of day for 15 years, this gem really deserves a modern format release.
(8½ out of 10)

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