Mud Zombies (2008)

Mud Zombies (2008)
aka Mangue Negro, Brain Dead Zombies
Director: Rodrigo Aragão
Writer: Rodrigo Aragão
Cast: Ricardo Araújo, Kika de Oliveira, Walderrama Dos Santos
In a rural area of Brazil, a disease created by pollution has started to convert the local townsfolk into raging mud covered zombies. The only survivors are a young socially awkward man and the woman he’s been pining for. Can they survive the cannibalistic infestation?
Entertaining zombie romp set in a Brazilian swamp. Plot basically captures the local swamp residents daily lives as they try to earn a living capturing crabs in the swamps muddy banks. Only corpses start to rise from the water and attack the locals cabins. Filled with entertaining bargain bin gore effects and Evil Dead styled camera movements. With a unique setting and plenty of action there's easily enough to keep die hard zombie fans thrilled for its duration.
(6½ out of 10)

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