Bride Of Killer Nerd, 1992 - ★★½

Bride Of Killer Nerd, 1992 - ★★½


“Fry you fugly bitch” - Frankie (Karrie King)

Romantic heart felt sequel to Troma's 'Killer Nerd'. Harold Kunkle having killed his momma and childhood bullies moves to a new town to start a fresh life. He finally meets the girl of his dreams, a fellow nerd named Thelma. To show off their love for each other they decide to crash the popular in-crowd kids house party. Bad mistake as they're ridiculed, so Kunkle decide to pick off the scum who've been tormenting Thelma for years.

Entertaining in a low rent sorta way, Thelma amusingly looks like a cross between Nolans Joker & Kate Bush, which must surely make her a goth icon. I watched it back to back with the first film (3 hours total) and I gotta be honest it was starting to test my endurance, theres slightly more gore and grotty boobs on show, including a nod to Janet Leigh's famous Psycho shower scene. But its still very mild and only recommended for die hard Troma nuts or bad movie enthusiasts.

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The odd inclusion of a band performing at the party 'The Twistoffs' sounding very 'They Might Be Giants' like, amused me most. Especially when everyone starts wigging out.

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