Killer Nerd, 1991 - ★★½

Killer Nerd, 1991 - ★★½


“Kiss your ass goodbye spudhead. Your going to hell in an hand basket and you're not gonna need an hat.” - Harold Kunkle (Toby Radloff)

Harold Kunkle's a nerd infatuated with a sexy co-worker, basically because shes the only person who has ever treated him with any dignity. Only Harold gets spurned when he asks her on a picnic date with his mom, so he goes nuts and takes his frustration out on his mother and the small town punks who've bullied him all his life.

Mildly amusing comic horror, its a Troma so you know what to expect. It features typical abysmal none actors and dire aesthetics. but its still entertaining in a total trainwreck way. Kinda pre-dated 40-Year Old Virgin by a decade, sadly lead actor Toby Radloff is no Steve Carell but it features more killings, a few pairs of grotty boobs and of course matricide. I watched this as a 3 hour double bill with its sequel Bride of Killer Nerd.

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Kunkle's bizarro stream of conscious dialog thats delivered kinda Pee Wee Herman like. The head explosion endings, though not gory are fun.

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