The Mind Snatchers, 1972 - ★★★

The Mind Snatchers, 1972 - ★★★


..::Dissociative December - A Cold Month Of Mind Control::..

“What of my epitaph... here lies what's his name, he wasn't so unique. Go on push the button, push the button.” - Private James Reese (Christopher Walken)

Private James Reese (Christopher Walken) is a cocksure, wise ass young US soldier stationed over in Frankfurt Germany. After being accused of assaulting a woman, due in no small part to his misogynistic manner. Reese gets thrown into a prison like military hospital. The institutes Dr. Frederick (Joss Ackland) puts Reese through an highly experimental therapy, with the aim of curbing & controlling mans aggressive behavior.

'The Mind Snatchers' is such an undemanding viewing experience its not too surprising that it slipped into relative obscurity. Its based on a play titled 'The Happiness Cage' by Dennis Reardon. The films pretty cumbersome and the clearly low budget aesthetics, make it retain its small scale stage vibe. Much more a drama than sci-fi, I guess its mostly of interest for featuring a Christopher Walken in the lead. He manages to capture the arrogance of youth so god damned well, it makes it hard to care that his characters being used as a human guinea pig.

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Interesting enough little mind control curiosity...

[x] Opens with Walken looking at a caged monkey. Later we see the monkeys in a closed off section in the hospital with bandages on their heads.

[x] The Mengele like Dr. Frederick inserts sonic resonating probes into his patients brains to control behavior.

[x] Its for a good cause The Cold War - At the end the film, military officials are so impressed with Reese's outcome they hold a press conference. A reporter mentions are the Russians working on similar projects.

[x] Hats off Dr. Ewen Cameron - After the end credits theres a disclaimer that mentions in 1954 two Canadian scientists used electro shock therapy and its been used widely around the world since.

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