Criminal Woman: Killing Melody, 1973 - ★★★½

Criminal Woman: Killing Melody, 1973 - ★★★½


“Five women like us could take on the world.” - Natsuko (Chiyoko Kazama)

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Funky 70's masterclass of Japanese pinku, featuring the Queen bees of sukeban genre movies Reiko and Miki. Reiko's the daughter of a drug dealer who'd been bumped off by hoodlums after he'd surpassed his usefulness. She tries to kill the boss but gets herself thrown into prison. While in the slammer she builds a gang of misfits who help her get revenge against the corrupt Yakuza run Oba Industries.

I've actually lost count at how many times I've caught this film over the years, thankfully it remains extremely watchable no matter how many times its been or how many modern western directors plagiarize the genre.

It's incendiary exploitation thats packed with cat-fights, sex, torture, mannequin chainsaw abuse, pre-Spring Breakers fashion ski masked girl gangsters, thugs with toothpick darts... yada yada and more cat-fights & sex.

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The highlight are the three key confrontations between Reiko & Maki, the firsts a prison shank fight, seconds Miki torturing Reiko and thirds the final big showdown between the panting pair.

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