My Brother the Vampire, 2002 - ★★★½

My Brother the Vampire, 2002 - ★★★½


“You have loads of women running around. Fix something up, like an exotic mongoloid, know what I mean?” - Mike (Hinnerk Schönemann)

Oddball coming of age comedy drama, set around a dysfunctional German family. The moms been living in an emotionally empty void since her husband died years ago in a plane crash. This as forced middle brother Mike to reluctantly become the man of the house. His younger sister Nicole is 15 and eager to lose her virginity and be accepted as woman. While his older mentally retarded brother Josh (who likes to pretend hes a vampire), is nearing his 30th and getting sexually curious and ever more confused.

...Erm, not really the George A Romero 'Martin' ripoff I was expecting before viewing. Theres clear budget restraints, and a few morally dubious moments. But it somehow works thanks to its childlike approach to its often very dark themes. Sven Taddickens as at least managed to craft a pretty unique feeling first feature.

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My fave scenes were the lip-synced rendition of Eartha Kitts 'I Want To Be Evil' by a gang of local playground bullies. Nicole's romantically planned first time, at the top of a slide. And Josh's visit to a gypsy prostitute.

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