House on the Edge of the Park, 1980 - ★★★★

House on the Edge of the Park, 1980 - ★★★★


“Just remember Ricky, we're among rich people” - Alex (David Hess)

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In order to give their dull house gathering a touch of authenticity, a group of bored, rich party goers pick up a pair of low class deadbeats at a garage. Only their plan of degrading the two lowlifes backfires, and the posh guests are held hostage to the guys progressively cruel sexual games.

Fancy picking up a bit of rough!!!... Ruggero Deodato's classic 'slice' of Italian rape revenge exploitation has become the granddaddy mac of modern home invasion thrillers. Even though it harks back to a more macho period of cinema, its held up surprisingly well some 30+ years later. Most likely because the cultural class divide is as apparent today as it was back then (i.e. the excessively rich will always be twots). Deodato's direction is tight, he does his usual trick of putting soft easy listening music to extreme visuals. Psychotronic screen legend David Hess as Alex plays these unhinged badass rapist characters better than anyone, who else can so effectively sing a lullaby while stroking a cutthroat over a naked chicks body. Giovanni Lombardo Radice as his dim witted friend Ricky is also well cast. Theres a few little flaws here and there, but nothing to detract from it being a recommended watch. Personally, I always thought the ending was kinda silly. But its clever at the same time, if you take it as the privileged always being that one step ahead.

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Annie Belle's super kinky shower scene, Giovanni Lombardo Radice's freaky dancing and David Hess leaving his lasting mark on Brigitte Petronio.

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