Thursday, 1998 - ★★★★

Thursday, 1998 - ★★★★


“Fuck, that gets me so wet, they have to steam-clean the seat after I leave.” - Dallas (Paulina Porizkova)

Just another drug deal in La La land... Most likely due to its shoddy distribution problems, Thursday as managed to slip under my radar until now. Its a wickedly amusing crime tale following Casey (Thomas Jane) a retired drug dealer gone straight. With the hope he and his wife can adopt a child, Casey's to be vetted at home by a social worker. Only his old drug dealing partner Nick (Aaron Eckhart) swings around and leaves a case filled with heroin, over the course of the day various criminals & thugs drop in to retrieve the drugs and balls up Casey's future.

<insert that photo meme of the baby holding a fist> Result, while I was hunting out home invasion movies for a daily marathon, I struck pay dirt with this undeniable 'Pulp Fiction' inspired black comedy gem. The quirky characters and ensemble cast are a knock out. Thomas Jane is great in the lead as drug dealer turned architect Casey. Aaron Eckhart's OTT, as the coke'd up nostril twitching dealer. Michael Jeter as the Ned Flanders like adoption service worker doctor Jarvis. Mickey Rourkes a badass dirty cop. The eye candy from 'Her Alibi' Paulina Porizkova plays a smoldering femme fetal named Dallas, with 'Drugstore Cowboys' James Le Gros as her backup (well kinda) and Glenn Plummer as a wannabe rapper hitman. Its so entertaining and packed with laugh out loud dialog, even though hes a growing list of writing credits, this dude Skip Woods deserves to get in the directors seat again.

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Czech model Paulina Porizkova pwns this movie as Dallas. From the opening scene we see her wearing a college jacket emblazoned with C.U.N.T. on the back. To her little hot pink latex number, all my attention went to her. She kills, rapes and tells dirty stories as well as any male character as managed in recent cinema.

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