Mischief Night, 2013 - ★½

Mischief Night, 2013 - ★½


“Well its mischief night auntie Lauren, I'm supposed to prank you.” - Emily Walton (Noell Coet)

On mischief night, an home alone asthmatic blind teenage girl Emily, gets progressivly more frightened when she suspects a masked rain mac wearing prankster is stalking her house.

Bland, unoriginal and extremely mild home invasion thriller/slasher horror. What little tension it managed to build in the first half, is ruined in the second half by familiar set pieces and tired genre plot twists. We are never told if Emily plays a mean pinball, but shes got great aim with an handgun. Actually, young actress 'Noell Coet' is serviceable as Emily, but the rest of the cast go through the movie emotionless. Seriously I wouldn't bother.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The "Ohh Jimmy, Ohh Jimmy... I'm sooooooo sorry Jimmy" over acted scene, when Daddy Walton shoots Emily's boyfriend.

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