Echo Dr., 2014 - ★

Echo Dr., 2014 - ★


“Have a nice evening” - Dell (Johnathan Hurley)

A wealthy LA family become prisoners in their own home, when their state of the art home security android 'Dell' decides to ignore orders and run the house on his own terms.

Hello Dave!... I watched this abysmal Hallmark Channel TV Movie-like clunker while on an Home Invasion Movie Marathon (fingers crossed it'll be the worst of the bunch). Its got such a pedestrian plot that fails to build any type of tension. The actings robotic, especially by the none android characters. While the house itself felt like those generic California show homes you find in softcore Playboy porn. Not recommended, if you want something similar go with the 70's gem Demon Seed.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Shit this is hard, I barely remember anything now 5 mins after watching. Hardly memorable but hard up cougar club wackos may get a kick out of desperately bored housewife Karen (Jordan Savage) in her milf lingerie. And fans of cheesy 80's visual FX would likely get a laugh at the electrocution pool scene.

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