Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, 1973 - ★

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers, 1973 - ★


“And you Miss, if they don't come back you'll get a good spanking.” - Detective Harry (Pierre Julien)

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Directed by the lesbian obsessed Jean Rollin under the pseudonym Michel Gentil. 'Schoolgirl Hitchhikers' is lowfi softcore trash that comes across like it had been shot using an unrehearsed impromptu script over an overcast Sunday afternoon. Its about 2 free living'n'loving women Monica (the brunette) & Jackie (the blonde) who are neither hitchhikers or school aged. Because they spent the night in an apparently abandoned zero star countryside villa turned mobster hideout. The girls get mixed up with a gang of jewel thieves, who seeking lost gems.

Even by Rollins usual shitty amateurish standards this ones a dud. It includes possibly the worst background music & narration mixing in cinema history (well pre-Rollergator at least). The cast are clearly untrained and excluding Joëlle Coeur as Monica the ladies look pretty damned average. Outside of Rollin's hardcore fans I can't see who the market for this kinda crap would be in this day and age.

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Outside of the unglamorous sex scenes, the most amusing bit involved a cap gun shootout, which spliced the same 3 or 4 shots over and over for a few minutes.

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