Naked Massacre, 1976 - ★★½

Naked Massacre, 1976 - ★★½


“Come on we'll play a little game.” - Cain Adamson (Mathieu Carrière)

After showing suicidal tendencies while serving in Vietnam, an American solider gets sent home. On his journey back to the states, hes forced to stop over in Ireland for a few days. His already insular emotional state is pushed even further over the edge, when he chance witnesses an Irish terrorist attack. He totally cracks up and takes the residents of a female nurses hostel hostage, and proceeds to abuse then kill them off.

Naked Massacre is a sleazy home invasion thriller, with a Travis Bickle/John Rambo styled loner protagonists. Its one of those films I'd possibly seen before, but couldn't really place enough of it to be sure. Its got a really bleak tone, akin to 42nd St. roughies, not the typical titillation you'd expect from 70's Euro sexploitation romps. This made it a film to endure more than enjoy.

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Cain Adamson (Mathieu Carrière) is fond of using his belt, be it wrapped around a girls neck as a dog lease or spanking ass. Its littered with twisted incidents like when Cain forces a pair of nurses to play with each other.

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