Stranded in Space, 1973 - ★★★

Stranded in Space, 1973 - ★★★


“One man alone!... Before our perfect order, we had stories about one man alone.” - Mr. Benedict (Cameron Mitchel)

While returning home, American astronauts lose control of their rocket ship and end up landing on a planet named Terra that closely mirrors Earth. Neil Stryker (Glenn Corbett) is the ships only survivor. Unfortunately for him, Terras run by a cabal like totalitarian government named the perfect order. Who have wiped out religion and plan on killing Styker because of his free thinking attitude.

'The Stranger' aka 'Stranded in Space' and created by Gerald Sanford is an under developed feature length pilot for a TV show that never got picked up. Its a sort of hybrid of 'Journey to the Far Side of the Sun' and 'The Prisoner'. Sure its extremely hokey and cheap around the edges, but thats half its appeal. At least for me because I loved it, featured many of the aspects that warmed me to the series 'Fringe'. Recommended to sci-fi nerds It holds up well today as an entertaining slice of cold war paranoia. If the show had been made, it would have most likely become a cult hit.

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Our lone heroes pursued by perfect order brainwashed agents, black helicopters, monitored by CCTV. Hes even befriended by an elderly hippie professor whose got a far out belief in multi universes.

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