SX_TAPE, 2013 - ★

SX_TAPE, 2013 - ★


“Please Adam, let me suck your dick” - Jill (Caitlyn Folley) while crying

A slutty amateur painter Jill and her clinically dull wannabe filmmaker boyfriend Adam (the kinda guy who films everything) goof about, have sex and just kill time, as they try to find a gimmick & venue for an art exhibition Jill's been planning. They find a closed down hospice. that was primary for young women who got themselves pregnant, but couldn't cope. As the couple spend more time there, they start to suspect a supernatural entity is haunting the place.

The once great 'Paperhouse' & 'Candyman' director 'Bernard Rose' comes late to the supernatural found footage horror party. Sadly you'll wish he hadn't bothered, because even by the shitty sub genres usual low standards its 1st 70 minutes are a total waste of time. The final 15 minutes were a slight improvement but still not worth sitting through the entire film for. May have worked better cut down to 20 mins like the segments in V/H/S/.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

The derelict LA hospital looked authentic, and made for a genuinely sinister location. Especially the creepy child care ward complete with incubator units. Shame it was wasted on such a trite movie.

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