The Quiet Ones, 2014 - ★★½

The Quiet Ones, 2014 - ★★½


“So you think I got an evil mind, well I'll tell you honey” - Radio Song (Noddy Holder of Slade)

A bunch of English university fops headed by chain smoking Oxford Prof Joseph Coupland study a disturbed young woman named Jane. Who could possibly be the proof that paranormal activity can exist in the mind.

Set in 1970's England 'The Quiet Ones' is hmmmM supposedly based on real events!. Severely lacks its own personalty, but still enjoyable enough horror drama from new Hammer. Its your basic supernatural/paranormal event mumbo jumbo, that pays a more interesting side glance over the generational changes society has with medical/psychology ethics. Sadly it goes down the predictable CG FX aided mumbo jumbo route. Using the unforgivable yawn inducing lazy tactic of film footage to pad out its story.

My hometown girl Olivia Cooke (who I've grown used to seeing on 'Bates Motel' with an oxygen pipe tied to her nose) performance as Jane, and Jared Harris (been a huge fan, since his brilliant recurring role in 'Fringe') are both fine. The other cast possibly due to weak characterization, come across as merely Mystery Incorporated style pesky kids. I'll give John Pogue a pass for the direction, but a must try harder for his lame script. Worth seeing but don't expect anything in the league of last years 70's supernatural gems 'The Conjuring' and 'When the Lights Went Out'.

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My favorite scene was when Jane sexually teases the possibly gay, definitely shy film student Brian, while taking a bath.

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