Devil in My Ride, 2012 - ★★½

Devil in My Ride, 2012 - ★★½


“Nobody gets laid like an exorcism priest” - Iggy (Sid Haig)

Natural born loser Travis gets his sister Doreen possessed by the devil, when he gives her a cursed gypsy necklace as a wedding gift. With help from her new husband Hank and guidance from his longtime friend Iggy, who knows this kinda shit. Earl Hickey-alike Travis has to fight a supernatural battle to save her soul.

Its a nonsensical, cheap ass Vegas roadtrip horror comedy, with no redeeming features to speak of. But 'Devil In My Ride' that grew out of short of the same name, is such a simple minded romp, its hard not to enjoy at least some of its throwaway dialog and gags.

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Travis telling Hank his tranny wife with a dick story.

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