Café Flesh, 1982 - ★★★½

Café Flesh, 1982 - ★★★½


“Look at the innocence on this one... where you from halo?” - Max Melodramatic (Andy Nichols)

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A post sexual apocalypse tale, set In the wake of an orgasmic big bang, humans are left either sexually positive or negative. The impotent negatives gather at the Cafe Flesh to voyeuristic-ally view the positives perform as strange carnal attractions.

Cafe Flesh is without a question of a doubt one of the most original, weirdly unique adult movies ever made, no wonder it attracts as many cult film fans as porn seeking perverts. Its a strange acid noir, live sex show, with cartoonish performance artists. And is highly reminiscent of Derek Jarman and quirkier Devo & Talking Heads videos. Its filmed entirely on a soundstage with brash stage lights. The filmmakers Rinse Dream (Stephen Sayadian) and F.X. Pope (Francis Delia) used the same style in their earlier porn horror anthology 'Nightdreams' and then later Sayadian made the none pornographic but equally odd 'Dr. Caligari' employing the same technique. I've enjoyed all 3 films for their whacked atmosphere alone. I should try dig out the Nightdreams sequels, as he directed those also.

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Act compare Max Melodramatic (Andy Nichols) darkly hilarious deadpan routines.

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