Red to Kill, 1994 - ★★★½

Red to Kill, 1994 - ★★★½


“I must f@*k you to death.” - Teacher Chan (Ben Ng)

Depending on the viewer, or indeed the viewers mentality while viewing 'Red to Kill' is either a bona-fide bad taste rape-revenge HK classic, or the most vile reprehensible piece of trash ever made. A mild mannered teacher and carer working in a shelter for mentally hindered young adults (their words not mine). Goes on a violent rape spree, because hes a tendency to go berserk when he sees women in red (due to his ma being an whore, who wore red the night his dad hacked her to pieces for cheating). Failing to believe hes guilty a court rule him free. But a fellow teacher and good friend of his last victim vows to get revenge.

How do you defend shit like this... A darkly comic, violent, rape revenge movie set around a mentally disabled heath care unit. I'm not even gonna try to defend its tasteless nature, all I can say is I fucking love the film. Its so god damned WRONG, on every level. Doesn't seem that long ago since I re-watched it, that I'm surprised I'd not already seen & reviewed this during my time here on Letterboxd. I only watched it again this evening to tick it off the Trashy Trio podcast checklist. Thankfully it faired better than re-watching 'Zombie Holocaust' a littler earlier.

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Ben Ng is so good in this as Chan, he's the buff-est, wildest rapist in HK cinema history. And before you shout rape glamorizer... the forced sex scenes are so stylized and over the top, complete with cheesy 80's soft rock accompaniment, they're comedic sort of like Tom & Jerry's take on violence. Ohh! and was that a subtle Psycho shower scene homage then? only with pubic hair flowing down the drain instead of blood.

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