Curse of the Undead, 1959 - ★★★

Curse of the Undead, 1959 - ★★★


“The dead don't bother me, its the living that give me trouble.” - Drake Robey (Michael Pate)

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Its the age old western setup of a lone gunslinger riding into a town threatened by thugs... only with a fresh twist, our pale riders secretly a blood sucking vampire. Drake takes a job from a wanted poster placed by Miss Dolores Carter, to help kill those responsible for her fathers death.

I decided to kick off my phase of Sunday westerns with a double bill featuring this highly entertaining mash-up of western/vampire genres. In truth its pretty darn average as a western or horror, but as a screen oddity its a total blast. Cursed predates 'Billy the Kid vs. Dracula' by 5 years to earn the crown of being cinemas first vampire western (unless someone knows otherwise?). Its packed with pulpy tough guy dialog mostly between Drake (Michael Pate) and the Preacher (Eric Fleming). Who are both vying for the affections of Dolores (Kathleen Crowley). Definitely worth a casual viewing, shame MST3K's Joel or Mike never deemed it riff worthy.

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Drake being the slowest quick draw gunslinger in the west, yet still being the only man that walks out of the saloon. The amusing back story on how Drake Robey formerly Don Drago became cursed to ride the land as a nomadic creature of the night.

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