Evil Roy Slade, 1972 - ★★★½

Evil Roy Slade, 1972 - ★★★½


“Boss, they even got midgets?” - Gang Member.“Aim for thier little hearts.” - Evil Roy Slade (John Astin)

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Evil Roy Slade's the wildest, rootin' and a tootin' train-robber in the west. Not the kind of man you want to invite to dinner, unless you want to spend it with your hands up. His favorite pastimes terrorizing rich, finger restricted, transport baron Belson Stole owner of Western Express. While out doing an honest days eviling with his gang, Roy falls head over spurs with a local former Miss Frontier pageant queen Betsy Potter, who begs him to change his evil ways. In order to retire, Roy and his gang need to pull off one more job.

Amusingly silly made for TV western spoof. Stars the cheesetastic and altogether ooky John Astin as the eponymous antihero in black Evil Roy Slade, and the ever charming Mickey Rooney as the put upon Stool. Its humours less brash than Mel Brooks tour de force comic-western benchmark 'Blazing Saddles', its more childish akin to a cowboy version of Airplane or Naked Gun. Sadly its not got Leslie Nielson, none the less its packed with a great ensemble cast of familiar faces. So glad I stumbled on it, its a true TV treasure thats guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It even manages to come across as good humoured and inoffensive when its being blatantly sexist or homophobic (hey its the 70's, watcha expect?).

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

For being my second western in row to feature wee man Billy Curtis as the small sheriff with a big badge, complete with a shetland pony that Evil Roy ends up stealing. Dick Shawn camping it up as Marshal Bing Bong Bell, goofing on country era Elvis. Ohh and for learning the valuable life lesson "Never trust a pretty woman or a lonely midget".

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