Emanuelle in America, 1977 - ★★★

Emanuelle in America, 1977 - ★★★


“You are evil, you stimulate the baser, most inhuman instincts in people. Sex, shame, hell and damnation.” - Tony (Giulio Bianchi)

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Softcore pornography photographer Emanuelle tries to emulate her political journalist lover and decides to do a story on the seedy world of high society sex parties, including girls in cakes and drugged prostitutes. Her investigation takes her across the globe through many kinky scenarios until she unearths a film containing extreme torture and snuff.

Not one to do things by halves Joe D'Amato's hardcore version of 'Emanuelle in America' is an overload of depravity thats without a question the sickest entry in the Black Emanuelle series. Its a typical wafer thin plotted movie to put the stunning Laura Gemser into increasingly sexy situations, with totally tasteless segments of horse masturbation and nipple slicing thrown in to please the gonzo filth set. The story sadly doesn't hold together amazingly well and the sex is relatively dull. I surprisingly enjoyed D'Amato's less OTT and lesser known Emanuelle's Revenge more.

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Nico Fidenco lush score, even though the theme songs lyrics are utter gibberish. And I don't work in a stable, its not everyday I get to see horse erections.

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