Zachariah, 1971 - ★★★

Zachariah, 1971 - ★★★


“Mister we just listening to the music, we don't want any trouble.” - Zachariah (John Rubinstein)

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Two wannabe gunslinger friends Zachariah & Matthew have a disagreement over which has the quickest draw. The pair part company, while Matthew rises the ranks of quick draw, Zachariah decides to wander the lonely plains on a journey to find himself and his way in life.

Missed last weekends Sunday Western due to World Cup & beer commitments, so held off watching Zachariah for a full week. Its based on Hermann Hesse's Siddartha, god only knows why filmmaker George Englund thought it would be a good idea to turn a book that became a bible to the beatnik, hippie counter culture. Into a painfully inept at times western/rock musical oddity. Don't get me wrong its not without its own charm, the stories got such a simplistic nature you kinda warm to its central characters Zachariah (John Rubinstein) Matthew (baby faced Don Johnson) and best of all the elderly The Dude (Dick Van Patten). But the film on the whole fails as a western, philosophical drama or rock opera.

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The musical numbers were more miss than hit, but was hella fun seeing Elvin Jones badass drumming & gunslinging, he'd have made a cool as f*ck Blaxploitation star. Ohh and being a huge X-Files nut was fun learning composer Mark Snow was one of the naked band members in the bordello scene.

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