Emanuelle's Revenge, 1977 - ★★★

Emanuelle's Revenge, 1977 - ★★★


“Huh? possibly the work of a sex maniac.” - Inspector (Eolo Capritti)

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After her fragile sister Francoise (Patrizia Gori) commits suicide, Emanuelle (Rosemarie Lindt) decides to get revenge on her womanizing, bullying lover Carlo (George Eastman). Who had forced Francoise into a life of pornography, eventually leaving her isolated and destitute. At first Emanuelle's form of revenge appears to be a kinky game, but soon it escalates into something much more sinister.

Emanuelle's Revenge is a unique slice of Eurotrash from the deviant minds of Joe D'Amato and Bruno Mattei. Its nothing like other movies given the Emanuelle moniker. Personally I find it hard to really call it a series, because so many filmmakers made their own Emanuelle variants it got hard to keep track. Actress Rosemarie Lindt never appeared in any of the other entries. Of course the movies aim is to titillate, which it performs amiably. BUT!... bizarrely enough (I'm being honest here) Revenge's plot offers a little more depth because its about female emancipation, and not letting yourself become just an object. Sure its extremely messy, as is often case with Italian exploitation movies, and in truth thats usually part of their charm. But if you can ignore its short comings its an enjoyable romp.

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Highlight has to be Italian sleaze legend Goerge Eastman, getting chained up and drugged behind a two way mirror. He hallucinates while being forced to watch Emanuelle's dinner party turned orgy. The guests start by eating raw meat, and erm finish by eating raw meat. Its a batshit crazy scene, that fell somewhere between Dr. Phibes, The Party and a Russ Meyer flick.

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