Errors of the Human Body, 2013 - ★★★

Errors of the Human Body, 2013 - ★★★


Rik Mayall RIP (You made Thatchers cold Britain, a more humorous place to grow up in)

On hearing the sad news earlier that British alternative comedy legend Rik Mayall had passed away. I decided to watch something of his. I wasn't really in the mood for his 80's TV comedy so I plumped for this psychological science fiction from a couple of years ago, that had totally slipped my attention.

'Errors of the Human Body'

After a long absence away from his work, geneticist Geoffrey Burton takes up residence in a new state of the art German lab with hope of continuing his research into gene regrowth. At first it seems like the ideal place to learn and work, only his world and mental state start crumbling in on him. When he starts to suspect his fellow scientist are working on an unethical secret project.

A touch heavy on the medical science babble, it was none the less a rewarding psychological slice of Cronenberg-esque headfuckery. Both Michael Eklund and Karoline Herfurth fit their characters and gave great performances. As did the late Rik Mayall in a more serious role, maybe it was the suit but he strangely reminded me of the headmaster from The Inbetweeners. Sadly after its interesting paranoid buildup I was bit disappointed at its far too sudden ending, either the script lacked a fitting climax or the production had prematurely run out of funds. All that said for a debut, filmmaker Eron Sheeans crafted a fabulous, thought provoking and visually amazing movie (well at least 2/3rds of one). I so hope he sticks to genre movies, and we don't lose him to mainstream crime thrillers, drama or romcoms.

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Lots of freaky lab mice moments (not sure what PETA would say). The best was the drowning pregnant woman hallucination, when Geoffs head bursts open and lots of mice dropped out.

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