Mindscape, 2013 - ★★½

Mindscape, 2013 - ★★½


“I know I'm different, not like other girls. - ” - Anna (Taissa Farmiga)

John (Mark Strong) a former memory detective with the ability to remotely access peoples minds. He's been retired for 2 years since losing his wife. Due to money pressures he reluctantly takes a private job with Mindscape corporation. To solve why a clever, privileged young woman Anna (Taissa Farmiga) been self harming, stopped eating and grown withdrawn from social life.

Terrible American accents from its mostly limey cast, and tedious 'Inception' influences aside, Mindscape wasn't an half bad time killer. The films major setback for me was the cold central characters made it hard to invest on an emotional level. Thankfully it was glossy enough and it ran at a decent pace.

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Was great seeing Strong bagging a lead, after years of being in the shadow of his Our Friends in North buddies Daniel Craig and Christopher Eccleston.

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