Female Prisoner: Caged!, 1983 - ★★★

Female Prisoner: Caged!, 1983 - ★★★


“Your stories are all about being raped or having weird sex.” - Saeko (Nami Matsukawa)

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WIP pinku, from Japans leading purveyors of perversion Nikkatsu. Masayo's (Mina Asami) is a born to be bad convict, who has built up a reputation for breaking out of cell blocks. Her latest detention poses a greater challenge, because shes bonded with a group of fragile women who are being raped & tortured by lesbian bullies, the corrupt wardens & governess and a seedy priest.

Female Prisoner: Caged!, shouldn't be confused with the legendary Shunya Ito/Meiko Kaji 'Female Prisoner' series of the 70's. Caged though fun, is relatively standard formula stuff. Thankfully its raised above its weight because of director Masaru Konuma great balance of cheese, comedy and sleaze.

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Outside of all the rape, lesbianism, bondage and erm felching!. My favorite scene was the hilarious Diet Coke break-like moment. When the convicts turn into a pack of dogs on heat, while watching a gang of male road laborers work just outside of the prisons yard.

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