Alien Abduction, 2014 - ★★★

Alien Abduction, 2014 - ★★★


“Autistic huh? I had me a retarded cousin once, who never let go of his mommas leg unless you gave him a wooden spoon. I ain't no doctor but I suspect it soothed him some.” - Hick Hunter Sean (Jeff Bowser)

Nothing new, but well executed alien abduction found footage flick. The Morris family while camping in the scenic mountain range of North Carolina known as Brown Mountain, encounter & capture on video possible signs of extra terrestrial visits.

Alien conspiracy films are such an easy sub-genre to deride, because lets face it most of these types of movies are made by anally probed anorak wearing kooks or DSLR owning amateurs hoping to cash-in. Thankfully first time director Matty Beckerman handles the job amiably, making what could possibly become this years must see lofi sci-fi offering, like last years 'Dark Skies'. The visual effects were solid, from cool light FX in the sky through to static interruptions when the aliens are around. Plus the acting was fine, for this kind of movie.

I still really enjoyed myself... even with its unoriginal plot that echoed last years final segment of V/H/S 2 towards the climax. And its extremely trashy, divisive use of the autistic son, who had to film continuously 24/7... (but *note I'm a sucker for sci-cheese)

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From caterpillars & owls to misty woodland glades, the autistic kid on camera manged to capture the scenery and its wildlife exceptionally well. My favorite scene was the abandoned road tunnel, that felt so reminiscent of a billion survival horror games.

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