Flaming Creatures, 1963 - ★★½

Flaming Creatures, 1963 - ★★½


“NORMAN, Now, Now... I told you what would happen if you keep wearing mothers dresses!” - Mr's Bates

Androgynous looking females and transsexual males simulate an orgy while pretending to be vampire aristocrats for 42 very long minutes. While filmmaker Jack Smith skillfully swirls a camera around as if it were a toddler who had fallen into an angry lions cage.

Jack Smith's Rape-Earthquake-Orgy aka Flaming Creatures is one of those movies for people of an artistic bent, I choose to view it purely because it was the only movie in BFI's 100 Must See Cult Movies Book I'd not previously seen. Flaming Creatures was likely very influential both sexually and artistically among NY's artwank set of the 60s, Though I seriously doubt it was ever actually seen has being taboo breaking, because far worse was going on in cinema back in '63 than a dude touching another dudes flaccid penis. Respect to Smith though, he was clearly his own voice and had talent.

*note If anyone chooses to view Flaming Creatures I'd recommend this article:- Making of Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures by J. Hoberman that should help pass a few of those dull 42 mins.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

At times was mildly hypnotic and visually effective, but still an horrendously hollow experience.

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