Gun Woman, 2014 - ★★

Gun Woman, 2014 - ★★


“What the f@*k is that, this is really turning into some kinda Japanese manga.” - Driver (Dean Simone)

An hitman with a bad mustache tells his generic getaway driver the unbelievable tale of how The Mastermind exacts the perfect revenge, by creating a Gun Woman to take out gang leader Mr. Hamazaki who had raped, killed then raped the corpse of his beloved wife.

Puerile fanboy trash, thats a pale shadow of the Miike, Tarantino, and Besson movies it blatantly tries to emulate. Naked chicks with guns, illicit pharmaceuticals, necrophilia clubs, martial arts assassins, excessive gore... sure, in the right directors hands this could have been a cheeseball action blast, sadly in the hands of Kurando Mitsutake its a grade Z yawn fest. I've not caught Mitsutake's previous movie, but when you start tolerating this junk over authentic Asian action flicks its time to call it day.

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Japanese action/scream queen Asami fully naked, doing her best Nikita impersonation.

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