Hotel Inferno, 2013 - ★★★

Hotel Inferno, 2013 - ★★★


“She already broke the first barrier, now shes running free in your corridors.” - Jorge Mistrandia (Michael Howe) impersonating Matt Berry.

First person splatter from the micro budget auteurs Necrostorm, that puts the Grr-gleGross into GoogleGlass®. Mr. Zimosa's an hired killer who wakes up in an hotel room for what he assumes is another standard hit. Turns out hes been hand picked for a very secret service by the sinister Mr. Mistrandia. Whose been running a very experimental biological project involving state of the art specs.

Giulio De Santi's Hotel Infernos is anything but subtle, its excessively crude in both budget and content. And because its close to being 100% shot in POV, it'll likely cause motion sickness, nausea and maybe even headaches. But how can you hate a production that wears its heart on its sleeve, it even ends with thanks you's to John Carpenter, Peter Jackson and Paul Verhoeven. Any movie that takes shots at global corporations is OK in my book. Plus it manages to do what Uwe Bolls been trying to do for years, by making an halfway decent videogame horror movie.

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Theres FPS (Half Life, Far Cry...) influences all over the movie. Strangely, and maybe it was my undemanding mood but it was a riot to see an old school splatter movie again. Highlights our protagonist fleeing the hotel shooting the pursing guards.

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