Blood Widow, 2014 - ★

Blood Widow, 2014 - ★


“Thats Mr. Budda, he was a solstice gift when I was 5.” - Harmony Lively (Kelly Kilgore)

Young couple Hugh and Laurie get the steal of a lifetime when they buy a large holiday lodge for chump change. That is until they decide to throw a party, and their stoopid hippie friend Harmony wanders into a neighboring foreclosed school and triggers a curse that raises an arm chopping, homicidal maniac known as the Blood Widow... muwahwah.

Sub par slasher that proves intelligence costs nothing, but if you lack any a $10 mask and copy of After Effects will make do. If my dick could hold a pen, it would have wrote better dialog and script than this... <goes to get some duct tape and a quill>

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Great looking mask reminiscent of Bjork's robots face in Chris Cunningham's amazing video. Kenneth-the-bitch getting his just deserts.

Originally taken from Letterboxd

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