Journey to the West, 2013 - ★★★

Journey to the West, 2013 - ★★★


“Today you die, by my almighty foot.” - Almighty Foot (Chaoli Zhang)

High kicking and a spinning, Chinese martial arts family adventure, featuring supernatural demons guaranteed to make smaller kids wet their beds for months (cheers Mr. Chow). 'Journey to the West Conquering the Demons' follows the early life of Tang Sanzang when he was young, self doubting demon-hunter then known as Xuan Zang. And how fighting evil eventually led him on a path to enlightenment.

Stephen Chow's wildly overblown homage/prequel to the Buddhist spiritual ripping yarn 'Journey to the West' (dumb westerners like me, will fondly remember its characters from the 80s TV show 'Monkey Magic'). Ohh man 2 hours, 2 fuc.... sadly I wasn't half as entertained as I'd expected to be, usually this kinda Yokai monsters stuff is my thing. Don't get me wrong its got fun moments. But I felt exactly like I did with Sam Raimi's recent dank prequel to 'Wizard of Oz'. Studios!!! what sounds like a good idea on paper doesn't always transfer to screen. Do we really need CGI heavy prequels to our famous fantasy stories ?

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The Monty Python styled Almighty Foot fight sequence had tears streaming down my face, and saved it from being total clunker.

WARNING! Monkey King (Monkey) & Pig Demon KL Hog (Pigsey) are seriously nasty shit, god help those poor kids being dragged to the cinema or sat in-front of their family TV's to these demons. You'd be safer sitting them down to Barkers Cenebites or Argento/Bava Jnrs Demons. TBHa video of kids reactions while watching this movie, would be more entertaining than the film itself.

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