Masseba, 1989 - ★★½

Masseba, 1989 - ★★½


“Soul? I don't know what it is.” - Major (Václav Postránecký)

Masseba is a real enigma of a movie. If I'm honest, I was never really sure WTF the filmmakers intentions were. It starts with a clan of around 30 or so people holed up in a decrepit cement building. They're either survivors of some kind of apocalypse or they've been banished from society, either way they're all seeking shelter together within its walls. The groups led by a strong militia like hierarchy, who kill, rape and do pretty much as they please. A growing number of rebels are seeking a new identity and rise up against the bullying leader.

Supposedly its an allegorical science fiction film about the communist regime. Though it could also be about what man replaces religion with, if he chooses to lose it. Some of the segments are visually arresting, but at other times its pretty meh. Gonna park my ass on the fence and give it a rating of 2½.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Subliminal pig motifs, performance art orgies to tribal drums (in fact the soundtracks pretty neat and very intense at times), stone masonry, more pig worship and lots of people being thrown out of windows. Sadly I watched it 100% sober and drug free without prior knowledge of Czech communism. Still, it beat watching Englands dull 0-0 friendly in Miami.

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