Four Nights of a Dreamer, 1971 - ★★½

Four Nights of a Dreamer, 1971 - ★★½


“Censorship is dead.” - Jacques Art Buddie (Jérôme Massart)

Jacques (Guillaume des Forêts) a shy young introspective artist, saves spoilt Marthe (Isabelle Weingarten) from attempting suicide by leaping off Paris's Pont-Neuf bridge. Over four proceeding nights, the pair agree to meet each other at the famous bridge. With each meeting they share personal stories, their inner thoughts and aspirations. They become closer with each night, but is it love? or just a fleeting glance of what could have been?

Lesser seen Robert Bresson movie, thats extremely light on its Dostoevsky source and pretty grubby around the edges. Lots of segments felt thrown in to pad out its duration, a few looked reminiscent of Andy Warhol's Factory movies or the vintage 70's reels Something Weird Video digs out. Even though it was likely a huge influence on Richard Linklater's 'Before' films, age hasn't been very kind to it. Personally I found the story underwhelming, and didn't care either way if Jack'n' Marth fell in love or not. Tragically Bresson didn't seem to care either.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Guess I'll remember it for featuring the most half hearted suicide attempt in movie history. Boo hoo "nobody loves or understands me"... is anybody listening? hey Mr. artsy loner you'll do.

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