Moscow-Cassiopeia, 1973 - ★★★½

Moscow-Cassiopeia, 1973 - ★★★½


“Excitement clouded our judgement” - Pavel (Aleksandr Grigoryev) clearly wise beyond his years

Enjoyable Russian 'Star Trek' ripoff that boldly goes where no teens gone before. Earths longterm forecast is bleak. Instead of sorting our planets shit out, CCCP boffins decide to send 6 genius teens on a 40 year mission to a distant planet, thats been giving off radio waves (strangely also for 40 years). Each have their own unique attributes in sciences, arts and aerobics. Only a 7th rogue stowaway teen whose specialty is glue (err enough said about that the better), botches their mission and they're sent hurtling through a blackhole. This leaves the hapless crew in a paradox timeline to Earths.

Because I'm a moron and caught 'Pt2: Teens in The Universe' a few nights ago, before seeing this 'Pt1: Moscow Cassiopeia'. It felt like I had been watching an origins story of how the crew formed, what their roles are, them setting off on their mission and how they gained their creepy ginger 7th member Fedya Lobanov.

A family fantasy worth giving a proper-gander. I'm actually glad I watched the films out of order because theres much less going on in this first entry. Its pretty much a character building 55 minutes with a tantalizing final 15, teasing us what to expect from its superior funkadelic sequel.

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Highlight was defiantly the huffed out Lobanov taking a nap in a lifepod that resembled the prism on Floyds Darkside of the Moon LP, and ending up floating in space. A groovy fish-bowl-vision bit. And theres language translating tech that works on Arabs and dogs (handy device).

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