Olga's House of Shame, 1964 - ★★½

Olga's House of Shame, 1964 - ★★½


“She looked as if she had handled a bull whip all her life.” - Olga (Audrey Campbell)

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Spanktastically outrageous, vintage B&W BDSM melodrama. Its narration heavy story tells us about Olga & her brothers sleazy underworld organisation, comprising of their vice, narcotics and jewel smuggling rackets. Of course the plots a flimsy excuse to tie women up, then whip & spank them.

Watched as part of Trashy Trio's podcast checklist, second one so far I'd not previously seen. Though 'Olga's House of Shame' seems extremely tame these days, and for all the Olga films notoriety, its a relatively kink free 70 minutes. But its got a weirdly captivating hypnotic charm that held my attention, likely because of its dry narrator or its Betty Page-like kitsch value. Kinda amusing fact that one of the featured spankees was the mother of Patricia & David Arquette. I didn't really like or dislike it, its kinda just OK if viewed as a mildly amusing time capsule.

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Olgas odd suggestion that men wouldnt want a woman that had been touched by another woman. Were the 60s that different? most guys these days would pay heavily for the privilege.

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