The Dragon Lives Again, 1977 - ★½

The Dragon Lives Again, 1977 - ★½


“This potion does wonders for a man, it stiffens his resolve.” - Sealman/The Queen (Lily Fu Li)

'Deadly Hands of Kung Fu' aka 'The Dragon Lives Again' is martial arts ineptitude of the finest order. Now, I wouldn't for one minute say the idea of pitting Bruce Lee against Clint Eastwood, The Exorcist, Godfather and James Bond and other assorted pop culture characters was a bad idea... but lets be honest its a bad idea. Luckily Bruce is aided by Emmanuelle, Popeye and James Bond & Indiana Jones (wtf yes Indy in '77 a good 5 years before he became a screen legend).

Bruceploitation was very much a cheap gag of its era, sure its amusing in 5-10 minutes bursts, but the gag doesn't work for longer. Kei Law at least knew this, and just did any old crap.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Best scene easily was Popeye vs an hoard of dancing Mummies. Its dire, but thankfully I watched it with guys over irc so it was bearable.

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