Lord of Tears, 2013 - ★★

Lord of Tears, 2013 - ★★


“I'll pluck their limbs out of their sockets, and tear the sinew from their bones” - The Moloch (David Schofield)

After receiving propriety in a will, James Findlay a timid man haunted by childhood nightmares of an owl headed ghoul which led to him attempting suicide, needs to build the courage to face his demon.

While I respect Lawrie Brewster and his Scottish horror 'Lord of Tears' for being a low budget horror that tries to stand on its own feet, while not resorting to typical tired tactics of being a found footage, a kids getting stalked in the forest, a zombie, a vampire or a dumbed out stoner horror. Its still screams FAIL. I was interested in the owl symbolism, how cultures treat owls as harbingers of death. But the story which is OK, but it could have been told in a tenth of its duration. The other key problem which is purely down to budget, was how uneasy the amateur cast appear on camera. I appreciate you can't get Clooney or Streep for peanuts, but surely its not that hard to find one or two actors who aren't noticeably anxious to finish their sentences.

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Had to love the guy for putting 'The Magic Faraway Tree' into his time capsule. Eve's "All right Mr. DeMille I'm ready for my closeup." stair scene was so cringe worthily painful, that it induced fits of vomit.

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