Wrony, 1995 - ★★★½

Wrony, 1995 - ★★★½


“I'm scared, I'm so scared.” - Crow (Karolina Ostrozna)

Infectiously simplistic, yet moving little tale. About a young 10 year old girl we only know as Crow. A nickname shes earnt because shes prone to daydreaming and mimicking the bird. Due to being constantly locked out of her home, and her mothers affections. Crow lives an introspective, lonely self made fantasy world. Shes also an outcast at school, and grown evermore distant from the local kids her age, who constantly tease her. While wandering the streets alone she sees a toddler being loved by her parents. The day after Crow kidnaps the small child, then tries to become her mother.

Shall I be mother?... I had the preconception that it was going to be a children's fantasy along the lines of 'Where the Wild Things Are'. I certainly wasn't expecting something filled with so much sadness. I guess I should throw in a WARNING! the movie features a scene the girl being Mother Crow gets the toddler to bath, then takes a bath herself in a tiny tin tub. Its a totally innocent thankfully none sexually graphic scene, but still it features child nudity. Personally I don't think the scene was that important, I'd sooner it not have been in there. But in defense to the female writer/director Dorota Kedzierzawska shes clearly trying to show the girl play acting as the mother. I'll defiantly try see more of Kedzierzawskas movies, shes clearly not afraid to tackle dark themes. As for Wrony aka Crows its a worthy little movie, with a deeply upsetting subject.

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Karolina Ostrozna was a revelation as Crow. Her idiosyncratic mannerisms and subtle nuances are rare for seasoned actresses to capture, let alone a 10 year old one making her first film.

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