Almost Human, 2013 - ★½

Almost Human, 2013 - ★½


“I've changed, I want you to join me... don't be afraid!” - Mark Fisher (Josh Ethier)

A dude goes missing in a strange flash of extraterrestrial lights. Two years later he returns a changed man. Bodies start piling up, and hes confronted by his best buddy and former girlfriend.

Almost Human by Joe Begos (better known in hardcore gay circles for his homo-erotic zombie movie '28 Gays Later') is low grade and totally derivative of the better known alien polymorph movies, like Carpenters version of 'The Thing' & 'Xtro'. Being a substandard ripoff wasn't its worst crime though, that was how god damned humorless its story and characters were. About the only selling point outside of its pretty decent poster/sleeve was its brief gore. Even though that was hardly earth shattering, it kept me from rating it a turkey.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Absolutely nothing stood out.

P.S. Erm sorry, I was so bored and made up the directors previous movie. Also while bored I individually took every key out of my keyboard, and gave them a good cleaning. So now I've a sparkling clean, pubic hair free keyboard.

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