Zomvideo, 2011 - ★½

Zomvideo, 2011 - ★½


“The video itself is infected. Its a zombie video.” - Aiko (Maimi Yajima)

Talk about lucky... Aiko & Hashimoto a pair of video editing company office staff stumble onto a 'Idiots Guide to Zombie Survival - hosted by Ultimate Psychedelic Go-Go Angel' VHS tape, micro-seconds before they're invaded by a mass of zombies. Turns out they're part of a world domination plan headed by Cher-A-like zombie leader named Yasuda. Talk about luckily[2]... Aiko's gay uncle owns a zombie reversal video tape, all he needs is to find his misplaced copy of "The Love of Mature Plump Men" he'd taped it over.

Lazy shot on video, nonsense that doesn't even try to offer anything fresh. Why reference one zombie movie, when you can get a lard-ass nerd to say zombie title after title to soak up half the runtime. The vhs tape they're watching though was mildly interesting in parts.

*Note this would have been only my 2nd '½ Star Turkey' granted this year... but for the unbelievably cute Maimi Yajima as Aiko (the only reason I stuck it out). The gore itself is terrible but the sight of her getting covered in blood stirred up something very deep inside, let me tell ya. Shes the type of person you could throw in a prison cell with the worlds most notorious rapists, and within 2 minutes they'd be drawing ickle unicorns and shit.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

Midway while bored I read the history of 'Maneki-neko' those paw waving Jap cats (the film features one getting blooded a few times) turns out they bring good fortune.

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