9 Songs, 2004 - ★★

9 Songs, 2004 - ★★


“Antarctica is the planets memory. A memory to a time before there were people.”

- Matt (Kieran O'Brien)

..:: The Joy of Unsimulated Sex ::..

Michael Winterbottom captures

O'Brien and Stilley f@*king on film,

Von Bondies, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Elbow,

Icecaps and other glaciology shit,

Narcotic abuse,

Goldfrapp, Dandy Warhols, Super Furry Animal,

Oral sex and masturbation...

No redeeming value or

Unique experience ? I wasn't sure, at least we got to see

Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand and Michael Nyman.

What must surely have been a dream job for Kieran O'Brien... he gets to screw Margo Stilley, his dick sucked, to see Antarctica and hang around London's Brixton Academy watching some pretty damn good live bands. Sadly for the rest of us suffering viewers its a relatively pointless experience. In what is probably the most blatant exercise in a director wanting to impress wanky arts festival panels, that as ever been filmed.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]

If you hate the bands this will be understandably an instant off switch, even though I like a few of the acts I was close at times to calling it a day.

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