The Black Panther, 1977 - ★★★

The Black Panther, 1977 - ★★★


“Its all reeeight don't worry, put ya foot onth step.”

- Donald Neilson aka Black Panther (Donald Sumpter)

Typically grim, grotty and unglamorous British true crime thriller about ex-military Yorkshireman Donald Neilson, named The Black Panther by British press. Who during the 70's went on a crime spree starting with small post office robberies leading to a botched blackmail plot, involving the kidnapping of a wealthy mans daughter.

Respectable movie that doesn't sensationalize the facts half as much as critics at the time slammed it for doing. Ecky thump Donald Sumpter did a sterling job at playing Neilson, who really could be listed as being the original Worlds Worst Criminal. Not great by any means but as authentic real life crimes go its watchable.

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For being 2nd movie I've caught this week that reminded me of the awesome gritty 70's police show 'The Sweeny'.

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