A Hitch In Time, 1978 - ★★★½

A Hitch In Time, 1978 - ★★★½


“You have just saved the life of Professor Adam Wagstaff.”

- Prof Wagstaff (Patrick Troughton)

Cricket fu, a former Dr. Who and a teacher with flu, add up to an entertaining slice of British family science fiction. Two school friends Paul and Fiona meet a bumbling professor who can't quite perfect his time machine named O.S.K.A. (Oscillating Shortwave Kinetic Amplifier, that even sounds very Dalek-esque), Of course the kids are eager to help. They want to see something interesting so get the Prof to send them back to Robin Hoods era. Of course time traveling chaos ensues and the kids are sent through various periods including 1953 during the queens coronation, then 1800s, then 1645 civil war, even stone age and medieval times of witches. The film ends with a cool loop on how they started.

Essential viewing for Doctor Who fans just to see 2nd doc Patrick Troughton in a similar role. Jeff Rawle as 'Sniffy Kemp' a teacher recurring through the kids trips, bugged me for ages who he was, then I remembered he was George in 'Drop the Dead Donkey'. Felt very Goodies/Rent A Ghost feeling with Benny Hill style speedups. Its a shame kids these days don't get movies as fantastical as this Children's Film Foundation film. Fun, I'll definitely be hitting up more CFF movies soon.

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Troughton in a jester outfit telling Irish jokes was worth the price of admission.

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