Amadeus, 1984 - ★★★★★

Amadeus, 1984 - ★★★★★


“That giggling dirty minded creature crawling on floor, thats Mozart.”

- Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham)

The life of mad creative genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart juxtaposed with composer Salieri's admiration leading to envy that eventually led to his descent into madness.

No stranger to filming madness Milos Forman was the perfect director for Amadeus. Its sumptuously rich, elaborate and luxurious (yes I looked LAVISH up on, and its arguably his best picture (which is no small task). He captures an artist who was both passionate to the core and charismatically eccentric to the hilt. Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham and Elizabeth Berridge give career best performances. Anyway nothing I could add that people haven't already done here (and with more magniloquence than I). It rightly won trillions of honors, and gets Grade-A|5 stars status from me. Every viewing just confirms what I knew on its release that its a masterpiece.

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Hulce's bizarre laugh. Weeman Kenny Baker on pantomime horseback. Mozarts party tricks and uncanny knack of being able to work drunk (sir, I salute your resolve). Ohh and Simon Callow for being a true trooper. Must have hurt his stage role of Mozart going to Hulce, but it doesn't show in his few scenes.

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